6061 Aluminium Coil Strip Feature:

1.Moderate intensity


3.Good weld ability

4.Good oxidation effect

5.Easy polishing processing

6.Good plasticity

7.Easy to cold work ability

8.Easy to paint film

6061 Aluminium Coil Strip Purpose

1.To make machine part,precision machining,aircraft parts,camera parts,coupler,hydraulic piston,

brake piston,valve parts ,building pipeline,إلخ.

2. To make all kinds of industrial structure that required a certain strength and high corrosion resistance .

3.To make the truck,tower building,vessel,trolley,railway vehicle,أثاث,إلخ.

6061 aluminum strip coil Packing

Packing Details : Standard export package.
Aluminium Sheet of packaging meet the export standard. Plastic film and brown paper can be covered at customers’ need. wooden case or wooden pallet is adopted to protect products from damage during the delivery.

Applications for 6061 لفائف قطاع الألومنيوم

Physical Properties – 6061 Aluminium Coil Strip

Density: 2.7 g/cm3

Melting Point: Approx 580°C

Modulus of Elasticity: 70-80 GPa

Poissons Ratio: 0.33

Thermal Properties – 6061 Aluminium Coil Strip

Co-Efficient of Thermal Expansion (20-100°C): 23.5×10-6 m/m.°C

Thermal Conductivity: 173 W/m.K

Electrical Properties – 6061 Aluminium Coil Strip

Electrical Resistivity: 3.7 - 4.0 x10-6 Ω.cm

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