aluminum strips for channel letter

Aluminum strip for letter

Aluminum strip can be used to make the outer outline of advertising font, including channel letters, 3D letters, sign letters etc Feature Of Flat Aluminum Trim Strip For 3D Channel Sign Letter No color-fading and paint-shedding within at least 3 years. The surface is in spraying Paint

Aluminum coil for channel letter, aluminium trim strips ...

Aluminum coil for channel letter are usually a kind of coated aluminum strips, widely used for door head light-emitting characters and letter.Adopting polyester roller coating and baking paint technology, we supply aluminum strip for channel letter of various colors in stock: rose gold aluminum edging, black aluminum edging, red aluminum edging, white aluminum edging, …

Advantages of Aluminum Strip for Channel Letter

2018-11-5?·?Aluminum strip for channel letter has advantages of light weight, good weather resistance, attractive outlook and strong dimensional sense. Metals used for channel letter materials include aluminium, steel and titanium. The density of pure aluminum is 2.7 gram per cubic centimeter, that of steel 7.86 and titanium 4.5.

Why is the coated aluminium strip used for channel letter

2019-5-30?·?The coated aluminium strip is used for channel letter based on its light weight, strong weather resistance and excellent adaptability to various processing methods.. Generally speaking, coated aluminium strips are thin aluminum strips no thicker than 1mm. This greatly reduces the weight of channel letters. In comparison to other metals, aluminium has a much smaller density.

1060 1100 Anodized Aluminium Strip for LED Channel Letter