The first is the production of raw materials. Regardless of whether the raw materials are processed, the raw materials of aluminum coils are aluminum ingots. The aluminum ingot is usually melted into molten aluminum, and then the liquid aluminum water is put into the continuous casting machine, and the molten aluminum is rolled through the casting and rolling machine. Usually the thickness of the casting roll is between 8-10 mm, which is the first step in the production of aluminum coil.

Precision rolling is then carried out by a finishing mill. The precision of the rolling mill is generally controlled within 0.01mm. Of course, the finishing mill is a new rolling mill, not an old model equipment that was eliminated in the 1990s. The finishing mill rolls the rolls to the required thickness again and again, which is the second step in the production of aluminium strip. The ministry step is also the most important step.

Then we need to cut and clean the rolled material. The cutting edge is to cut off the uneven edge after rolling. The cleaning is because the finishing mill is rolled in rolling oil, so the surface oil must be cleaned. .

The last step is annealing, coiling and packaging. Annealing is carried out at the constant temperature of the annealing furnace for a period of time. Various mechanical properties and elongation are obtained by changing the internal grain size of the aluminum coil at high temperature. After annealing, it needs to be coiled. The equipment is coiled and used for the packaging of various aluminum strips after processing.

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