With the rapid development of China’s economy, the rapid growth of electricity consumption, urban and rural power grid reconstruction and expansion efforts to further increase the amount of dry-type transformers also increased rapidly.
In the past, the Aluminium strip aluminum foil used in dry-type transformers all depended on import, and affected the development of dry type transformer manufacturing in China in terms of price, delivery date and so on. To this end,Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd of dry-type transformer Market Research, the use of aluminum market after the demonstration in the 98 years of the initial research, trial of the aluminum, and included in the science and technology project of Henan province metallurgy in the year of 1999.

According to the planning requirements of the task book, Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd Aluminium for dry type transformer with aluminum foil chemical composition, hot rolling and cold rolling, cutting, heat treatment process and materials within the organization, conductivity, hardness, mechanical properties, lateral bending, surface quality, surface quality, size deviation, detection methods were tested. A lot of technology to capture a number of key materials in the production, the quality of the products meet the requirements of Henan HuaWei Aluminium Q/S713 Q/S715, enterprise standard, and meet the requirements of AS521 – 01, 02 Japanese and German IUN900069 standard, the full completion of the specified tasks in the plan.

From the physical quality and standard level, the Henan HuaWei Aluminium dry type transformer Aluminium strip aluminum foil production reached the international advanced level, fully meet the user’s requirements, to solve the China dry-type transformer manufacturing industry needs, promote the development of the industry. At present, Henan, HuaWei Aluminium production of dry-type transformers with Aluminium strip aluminum foil, instead of imports, sold to many transformer aluminum manufacturers in the country, some products have been sold directly or indirectly abroad. From the standard level, the Henan HuaWei Aluminium dry-type transformer with Aluminium strip aluminum foil products standards and foreign developed countries, the level of the indicators strictly foreign standards.