Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd is good at aluminum plate/aluminum strips processing for many years, transformer aluminum strip because the industry requirements are relatively high, so in the production and processing at the same time, must be strictly checked, in order to ensure that each batch of goods are exquisite.

Notes on transformer aluminum strip processing
Transformer aluminum strip is done after machine slitting from aluminum mother coil, so need to pay attention to quality of the aluminum coil in aluminum strip processing, processing of raw materials from the first before the check, selection of high quality aluminum coil slitting processing, remove burrs. Strict inspection of surface quality problems, such as scratches, oil stains, burrs and other problems, will put an end to the problem of raw materials.
In the case of qualified raw materials, we should also pay attention to the following points:

Transformer aluminum strip processing notices 1.

Width tolerance control between 0.05–0.1mm, so after the operator set cutting units , after correction to production, absolutely can not happen the size of large deviation.

Transformer aluminum strip processing note 2.

Aluminum edge burr is mainly due to the reasons for cutting tools, so must make sure the cutting tools sharp enough, and tread the edge with special treatment.

Transformer aluminum strip processing notices 3.

Transformer aluminum strip for O temper, so in the packaging and moves to avoid the bump, after the aluminum strip will form pits in the surface, directly affect the usage of such strip.