Aluminum Strips With Holes Specifications:

1.Minimum-value aperture  reach 0.3mm;
High of rag  ≤ 0.18mm
Deformation    ≤ 2mm
Arrangement  of  holes ≥ 100 type
2. Aperture and position of the holes can be customize;
3. Material of the foil can be selected : aluminum
4.  Width of the aluminum strip can be selected.

Aluminum Strips With Holes application:

Aluminum Strips With Holes is used well for sewage treatment, for running water and power plant, also used for outdoor of many other lines, such as safety grating for vehicles, steppes for train, safety stair treads for machines and for interior decoration.

Our  Aluminum Strips With Holes advantages:

Short delivery times (10 days ex works)
Order quantities starting at 50 kg
High availability due to stockholding and procurement of all common strip thicknesses (please see slitting facilities specifications)
Highest quality standards  (For example Strip thickness of 1/2 EN standard, edges with a minimum burr with smallest manufacturing tolerances of +/- 0,05mm)
Guaranteed electrical conductivity of > 34,0 MS/m
Possible thermal treatment in our ANOFOL annealing furnace